I consider Lisa and Career Options to be a partner with Eagle Performance Plastics.  We are a small company with only a few open positions for Career Options to place, but I have never felt that we were something other than the top client.  Eagle doesn’t fall into the “typical agency client” because of several factors.  First, Eagle hires the person, not the skillset.  We believe in finding the right person and we can train the skills and Lisa and her team get it!  They have taken time to come to talk and take a tour to get a sense of our culture and what makes someone successful here.  In addition, we do not want to just fill a chair, we want the best candidate to sit in the chair.  Sometimes it takes several interviews and resumes, but I’ve never felt rushed when we keep plugging along with the process.  Lisa and her team take the time to know the client and know what will work for them.  They do not send us everyone, but interview first so that the candidates we see have already passed one round of interviews.  I have also asked Lisa for feedback on job descriptions, average wage ranges, hiring trends, etc and she has always been very open and honest with me.  I appreciate the relationship that we have!

Lori Sealock, VP, Operations & Finance of Eagle Performance Plastics)
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