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Demand for Employees is High

I was reading an article today by Lucia Mutikani which talks quite a bit about the demand for employees.  Right now, companies are having difficulty finding employees in almost every sector and it is impeding their ability to produce product, service their customers or expand. Here are some excerpts from the article, U.S. job… Read More »

Hiring Plans for 2nd Quarter 2016

I just read this article from Staffing Industry Analysts on March 8, 2016 and it highlights the hiring projections for second quarter.  ManpowerGroup Inc participated in the survey and they shared their results. Q2 hiring plans for US relatively stable; 22% plan staff increases March 08 2016   US employers report second-quarter hiring plans are relatively… Read More »

Feeling Thankful with Recommendations

This week, the staff at Career Options is feeling thankful after hearing 3 compliments and recommendations. One was from a long term client who told us he has decided to use us exclusively because of the level of success they have had with our candidates. The other compliments came from 2 candidates that we have… Read More »

Marketing with Career Options

Thank you to everyone who sent me messages this weekend after noticing the Career Options ad and my column in the Post Crescent…. both on the same day. As a business owner, it is nice to see that the community recognizes our marketing efforts! And kudos to my hubby who was very proud and sent… Read More »

Upcoming Legal Challenges for Companies

Career Options has celebrated more than 25 years in business and every few years, there are shifts in important business topics, issues, difficulties or legal aspects for companies.  2016 will be no different and here is a valuable article that I just read.  It helps to bring a focus on the key legal issues that all companies need… Read More »

Which Jobs are Most Difficult to Fill?

Recently, many of my clients have expressed heartburn in finding qualified candidates for hard to fill positions in welding, machining, mechanical, electrical, financial, and other key areas. I just read an article on other jobs that difficult to retain and recruit talent.  Do you fall under any of these categories?  If so, you are in… Read More »

Santa…. Where Have All My Employees Gone?

If one reviews Santa’s hiring practices and employee retention, he seems to really know what he is doing.  He has not lost a single reindeer to fly his sleigh in hundreds of years and his elves seem to come back year after year!  This is despite working in freezing temperatures at the North Pole and… Read More »

Employment Report

Today, I received a report from SHRM comparing 2015 to 2014 and it was interesting! Overall, we are hearing similar things with our clients, especially the difficulty in finding key employees for their organizations. Here are some of the items that were discussed: In November, a net of roughly two-fifths of manufacturers and service-sector companies will add jobs during… Read More »