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Networking Tips to Help You Succeed

I have been asked by quite a few people in the last year about networking and if I could provide some general suggestions to help them succeed.  Networking can cause anxiousness because people often don’t know where to start.  Others don’t feel comfortable going to events or striking up conversations with strangers.  Here are some… Read More »

Feeling Thankful with Recommendations

This week, the staff at Career Options is feeling thankful after hearing 3 compliments and recommendations. One was from a long term client who told us he has decided to use us exclusively because of the level of success they have had with our candidates. The other compliments came from 2 candidates that we have… Read More »

Which Jobs are Most Difficult to Fill?

Recently, many of my clients have expressed heartburn in finding qualified candidates for hard to fill positions in welding, machining, mechanical, electrical, financial, and other key areas. I just read an article on other jobs that difficult to retain and recruit talent.  Do you fall under any of these categories?  If so, you are in… Read More »

Happy Halloween

Boo!!!! Have fun, be safe, and enjoy the scary moments of Halloween! Check out this local video on the Neenah’s Burial Chamber by Dan Powers and William Glasheen of The Post Crescent.