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HR Roundtable – What a Success!

HR holiday arrived today! Thank you to all who attended our HR Roundtable. What a fantastic group of professionals who shared ideas/strategies on recruiting, retention, on-boarding, and key initiatives for 2020. Attendees walked away with some great nuggets of ideas. Santa’s helper also came early and cheers to the gift drawing winners: Belinda, Cathryn, Chris,… Read More »

Retain Top Talent With These 3 Helpful Tips

Once you bring in a great new hire, keeping them for the long term is the goal. After all, by retaining your best and brightest, you can ensure the team is productive and the company thrives, increasing overall profitability. Plus, it allows you to avoid recruitment, onboarding, and training costs that usually come along with… Read More »

Ballooning Employee Debt – Providing Financial Wellness Education to Employees

Employers play a large role in the financial lives of their employees. After all, companies provide their staff with paychecks, insurance, retirement options, and a variety of other benefits designed to impact that aspect of their lives. But few companies provide their employees with resources to help improve their financial wellness, ensuring that they have… Read More »

Five Creative Ideas for Employee Incentives and Rewards

Thank you to Strategies, LTD for participating in Career Options “Make it Happen in 2017-2018” resource guide for area companies! Please see below for their response to one of the questions we addressed: What are five creative ideas for Employee Incentives and Rewards? As an example of an Employee Incentive Plan, a team member could… Read More »

Happy Halloween

Boo!!!! Have fun, be safe, and enjoy the scary moments of Halloween! Check out this local video on the Neenah’s Burial Chamber by Dan Powers and William Glasheen of The Post Crescent.

Trends in Staffing – Climbing to the Top

Whether it is men or women, I enjoy reading about success stories in business.  However, this article talks specifically about women in the staffing industry.  I remember when my mom started Career Options 25+ years ago, she would occasionally get callers who stated they wanted to talk to the owner.   When she expressed that she was the… Read More »