2020 Job Trends (Staffing Industry)

Here is some interesting points from www.staffingindustry.com on November 22, 2019.

Employers will continue to shift their hiring and retention strategies to compete for the hourly workforce next year, according to predictions from human cloud platform Bluecrew. More employers will offer flexibility in addition to worker protections to lure hourly job seekers, the online staffing platform reported. Career growth opportunities through new skills training will be another strategy in 2020.

Bluecrew tapped insights from industry leaders, employers and hourly workers to construct its annual list of predictions and trends to watch in 2020. It includes five trends expected to emerge among employers and the hourly workforce in the coming year:

Automation and upskilling: Despite chatter about automation eliminating jobs, e-commerce growth will drive demand for more warehouse and delivery workers. As employers continue to invest heavily in automation technology, opportunities for upskilling will increase. Smart employers will continue to emphasize upskilling and career growth opportunities as a key strategy for recruiting and retaining hourly workers seeking career advancement.

Flexibility: Employers increasingly recognize that in a tight labor market, offering flexibility around scheduling and hours is a strategic way to attract and retain workers without increasing wages or negatively impacting the bottom line. More employers will adopt staffing technologies and platforms to provide the flexibility hourly workers want.

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