Key HR and Business Challenges from 2019

Career Options hosted an HR Roundtable in November 2019 and 18 attendees from area companies were active and engaged during the entire discussion.  There were several key questions, with the first one being, “What are 1 or 2 of your biggest challenges in 2019 and what are you doing to help resolve the concerns?”

Here are just a few of the highlights:

Recruiting for growth and talent – It can be a struggle finding technical, accounting and skilled trades candidates (among other areas) to fill positions that have been vacant for several months.  Companies are having to complete with many others in the area who are hiring for similar hard-to- fill jobs.  Candidates often have 3 or more job offers and are able to be very selective and companies have had to be more creative in their recruiting efforts.  Having a strong brand and culture helps when asking for employee referrals.  In addition, the traditional way of posting a job and waiting for applicants to apply is now only 1 piece of the process.

Retention – Companies are now reviewing their benefit packages twice a year to stay competitive.  Many are talking 1-on-1 with employees on what is a key motivator/perk is for the person and are trying new avenues to retain talent.  Most agreed it is essential to offer new challenges, opportunities and avenues for employees to grow.  Creating a strong on-boarding and orientation structure is a great way to help new employees feel valued and part of the team.  The buddy system has worked very well!

Keeping up-to-date with new technology – While it is essential, it is costly, especially for small businesses.  It can also be very time consuming to review new technology needs and requirements and later implement when everyone is already so busy.  This applied to many industries whether it was CPA firms, manufacturers, online retailers, marketing, attorneys, healthcare, and others as well.  Just as one one tech project gets completed, there are 5 more that need to be reviewed 🙂

Thank you for all who attended!  Look for the next blog that will highlight a few other questions and enjoy your week.


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