5 Quick Tips to Recruit Top Talent for your Organization

    1. Truly understand the key components and expectations of your job opening.  Roll up your sleeves and interview top management or ask to job shadow for a few hours to get a better understanding of the challenges and what is needed to be successful in the position.
    2. Ask behavioral types of questions and continue with follow up questions based on their answers.  Many candidates know these types of questions are coming so instead of asking for 1 example, ask for 2!
    3. Offer success stories about your company and why employees enjoy working there.  Explain the challenges but also opportunities in the organization.  Also, make the conversation fun and engaging so the candidate is excited about your vision and how they could possibly fit into your future.
    4. Think strategically – do not just rely on job postings.  Encourage referrals from your employees, be a part of the community, use social media to promote interest, and always be on the lookout for top talent.
    5. Consider partnering with a talent specialist or recruiter who can assist your organization when you have an urgent need or specialized position.  This can save you thousands of dollars and a high amout of time because finding talent is what they do every day.  Lastly, connect with other business owners or your CPA firm to see what has worked for them in a tough market.  These resources can be invaluable.


Please feel welcome to reach out if you are looking for additional ideas and I would be happy to brainstorm with you 🙂

Best wishes to you, your staff and your vision in 2019-2020.

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