Marketing Essentials – Your Target Audience

Thank you to Lisa Piikkila of Coalesce Marketing & Design for presenting on “Your Target Audience.” 

Career Options has hosted more than 50 seminars in the past 15 years and Lisa did an excellent job!  Congrats to Sherri Dessell and Patricia Vande Voort as well, both who won $25.00 lunch gift certificates 🙂

Here are some brief highlights from this informative and interesting marketing topic:

Your Brand Portfolio should include:

  • Positioning statement
  • Key messages for your organization and foreach of your programs or services
  • Design guidelines (brand standards) on use of your logo and colors.

Elements of a Strong Brand:

  • Uniqueness

  • Authenticity

  • Consistency

Social media demographics as a whole:

» 68% of adults use Facebook

» 35% of adults use Instagram

» 24% of adults use Twitter

» 25% of adults use LinkedIn

» 29% of adults use Pinterest

» 27% of adults use Snapchat


Don’t forget this 3 main points of developing a quick marketing plan:

  • Who are we trying to reach? Define your target audience.

  • What is your message to them? Explain what you want them to do and why they should do it, or why they should care.

  • What is the best way to deliver that message? Pick the right channels to deliver your message to your target audience.


Lastly, for Social Media planning, use the social media content rule of thirds:

– ⅓ of content promotes business and converts audience

– ⅓ of content shares ideas and stories from thought leaders

– ⅓ is original brand content


Thank you for reading and enjoy your week!

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