Thank You Notes… Do You Really Need to Send One After An Interview?

In an article, “5 Expert Tips for Following Up After a Job Interview” by Sharlyn Laub. Sharlyn states,  “Tastefully Follow Up When You Haven’t Heard Back.  In a situation in which the company says they will make a decision next week, and a week goes by without any word after you’ve sent an initial follow-up note, Willoughby says that it’s okay to send one more polite inquiry.

“If you’re following up multiple times after each interview, that’s likely not appreciated,” she says. “However, if the company has given you a set time frame and exceeded it by longer than a week, a well-written follow-up note is reasonable. It should be concise and friendly. Don’t necessarily remind them that they haven’t gotten back to you, but rather use the time frame provided as the reason for your follow up.”

So don’t delay and be sure to send that follow up and thank you letter today 🙂

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