Tips to Advance or Grow in Your Current Role

Last week, a potential candidate reached out to Career Options because she was looking to advance at her current company. However, because she is more entry level, she was not sure of the proper steps or suggestions to follow.

Here are some ideas that we offered:

  • Show that you have the desire to learn new things! Ask to be on the upcoming project, take a class to show you are an expert on their new software, or ask a supervisor what skills are needed for next level roles.
  • Demonstrate that you can adapt and embrace changes in systems, policies or technology.  Change can be hard but don’t spend your time grumbling and refusing to budge. Instead learn all about it and how it will benefit the company and how it could help propel you further into your career.
  • Work exceptionally well with your team as well as on individual projects.
  • Show initiative in your role and willingness to help others. Be excited about your current role, tackle the duties no one else wants to do and offer to help others.
  • Be pro-active in the work environment – Cross train in other departments so you are more valuable. This also helps you to learn about ALL facets of the company and will make you more well-rounded.
  • Do not gossip or get involved with drama. This typically backfires in the long run. Be positive, professional, and stay away from toxic employees. Network with those that are doing well, are respected and enjoy life.

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