Behavioral Interview Questions

Often, Career Options’ candidates ask about behavioral interview questions and whatis the purpose compared to traditional questions.


Behavioral questions go outside the traditional questions that have been asked. In the past, many employers would ask about duties, goals and accomplishments.  A lot of these were asking to relate factual information and job history.  However, now companies often ask candidates to provide examples of a situation and how the person resolved an issue.  They are trying to determine if you have problem resolution skills, how your respond to conflict, and how well you communicate with employees and management.

Some general examples include:

  • Tell me about a time when you disagreed with a manager
  • Explain a time when you failed at a task, project, or plan in the past year.
  • Describe a time when you had to lead or manage a difficult project and what was the final result
  • Tell me about a specific goal you set for yourself and how you accomplished it.

These questions can leave a person baffled if you don’t think about them before the interview.  Take time to review different questions, scenarios and examples to come up with a clear and concise situation.  Remember to describe the example in a few short sentences, what happened, what action you took and the result.

One important aspect is to be positive and show what you learned.  Don’t give the example of how you became unglued at the office due to a key deadline or how you lost your temper with a manager.  Instead focus on the positive results that made you standout, grow as an employee, or handle a tough situation with finesse.

Lastly, it is key to practice aloud so you can streamline your answer and not ramble.  You may need to rework, practice and redo your responses several time before you find one that comes across as polished and focused.   Plan today and be prepared for your next behavioral questions 🙂

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