How to Excel Early in your Customer Service Career

We are often asked for ideas about how to learn, grow and advance in a role.  Today’s blog is about learning more about the Customer Service field and becoming invaluable!


Here are some quick ideas to help you move forward in your career:

    • Find a mentor who is willing to offer ideas and suggestions to help you learn faster and excel.  This could be a supervisor or another key person in your organization.  Or, it can be outside of your organization as well through networking, past employers, faith, etc.

    • Demonstrate clear and professional communication skills.   Be sure to use proper grammar in person, emails, and presentation.  Also, be concise in your communication style, being careful to not ramble.

    • Learn everything you can about the products and how they can solve a clients issues or provide benefits

      • Use positive communication to help resolve an issue.  Listen first to understand.

      • Accomplish and exceed your personal and work goals.  This is key!  Stay focused and ask for assistance if needed, but be true to your word and be able to demonstrate your accomplishments.

      • Learn to handle multiple projects without getting flustered.

      • Be a sponge and continually learn.  Show you can adapt to change and are willing to take on the newer, more difficult projects.  This learning may be from evening classes, assisting another department, cross training, or staying later.

      • Show initiative and step up to the plate.  Show your excitement every day.

      • Do what you say you will do and be accountable in the field of customer service.

I hope these quick tips propel you to move forward in your current role or career!  Make it a great day…

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