Resume Tips and Suggestions

As you consider looking for a new position, it may be best to start thinking of your resume now. Resumes are your first impression and if done poorly, can risk your chances of finding a great new position. Here are some quick suggestions on writing a resume:

* Be sure all of your contact information is current. While you don’t need to include your full addresses, it may be important to at least list your city so the hiring person knows that you are local.

* Along with your contact information, include any social media handles, career summary, and education. List your experience in chronological order with the most recent position at the top. Add high impact bullets describing responsibilities and achievements. (See more under #6 and #7)

* There is no need to say “References on request” – that is a given these days.

* 1-2 pages is acceptable. In past 20+ years, Career Options has never had a client turn away a candidate due to a 2 page resume :). 2 pages are certainly acceptable if you need it to highlight your experiences and positions.

* Don’t forget to tailor your resume to the job description so your skills relate to the particular role described.

* Instead of just listing your job duties, it is essential to use ACTION words to show what you have accomplished. Some action words include:
Coordinated, Executed, Administered, Developed, Reduced, Enhanced, Expedited, Generated.

* Some examples of more action impacted bullets include:
– Efficiently answered and directed 125+ calls each day in a professional manner
– Generated $450,000 in new sales for 2018 which resulted in a sales manager promotion.
– Implemented scrap process for converting company which reduced waste by 4%

Add numbers and statistics to demonstrate success. This may mean you need to start tracking things in your current role to help quantify your accomplishments.

Even if you are not in the job market today, these are some quick points to remember. Remember to take the time to prepare an excellent resume that will leave a lasting impression!

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