Interviewing Tips

This is a 2 part video series that offers tips to help you have a successful interview. Prepare now & leave a lasting impression!

1. Give a good handshake and enthusiastic greeting! No need to explain about your car troubles or the flu you are overcoming – Greet and state you are excellent or fantastic. This shows your enthusiasm for life!

2. Practice your interviewing questions/responses OUT LOUD not in your head. This allows you to hear yourself and tweak your answers. It can be easy to ramble so refocus on your key points & practice aloud again

3. Be prepared to give examples for behavioral questions such as “Please give me an example of how you dealt with conflict or when you made an error and how your handled it” They are looking for 1 specific example to demonstrate the issue and HOW you responded positively to resolve the problem.

Visit again in a few weeks and I will offer more tips and suggestions for your upcoming interviews. In the meantime, visit for exciting Direct Hire opportunities!

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