Top Paying Skilled Trades Positions in Wisconsin

Today, the country has a shortage of skilled labor. This means there is an increasing number of opportunities that are going unfilled, making a career in the skilled trades potentially very lucrative.

While the exact salary offered for a position will vary, certain roles are known for usually coming with strong offers. Here is a look at some of the top paying skilled trades positions in Wisconsin.

HVAC Technician

When you work as an HVAC technician, you are typically responsible for the installation and maintenance of a variety of heating and cooling systems. Often, this requires a specific skill set acquired through education or training in the field.

HVAC technicians have the ability to command comfortable salaries, with the mean being over $50,000. Those with experience to act as a lead can easily cross the $60,000 mark.

Auto or Diesel Mechanics

Vehicles play a critical role in many businesses as being able to effectively transport goods or people is essential for operations. Both auto and diesel mechanics are commonly in-demand, especially those who have experience in allied areas like hydraulics or electrical.

In Wisconsin, truck mechanics and diesel engine specialists earn a mean wage of over $47,000 while automotive mechanics come in just shy of the $41,000.


Experienced electricians often command incredibly respectable salaries in Wisconsin. Nearly every business and residence require reliable power, so demand for an electrician’s skills is essentially never-ending. A highly specialized skill set is also critical, often acquired through specialized training and education, so companies are willing to offer top-dollar to those with the right level of experience.

The annual mean wage for electricians in Wisconsin is over $58,000, but those with substantial experience can easily earn more.


Like electricians, plumbing skills are often highly specialized. Plus, since many people fear the “dirty” aspects of the job, those that decide to become plumbers are usually compensated well for their skills and willingness to get the job done.

In Wisconsin, the mean annual pay is almost $67,000. Plus, the job outlook is very favorable, meaning the number of opportunities will likely grow substantially over the next few years.

Industrial Machinery Mechanic

If they want to maintain normal operations, nearly every production, manufacturing, or other industrial environment has to have skilled mechanics on staff to maintain and repair industrial machinery. Professionals working in this field need a diverse set of skills to be effective, including mechanical prowess, a knowledge of tools and repair techniques, and the ability to problem solve effectively.

Demand for industrial machinery mechanics is only growing in Wisconsin, making opportunities in the field potentially lucrative, especially for those with experience. On average, professionals working full-time as industrial machinery mechanics bring in an annual salary of nearly $51,000.

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Skilled trades positions can often become incredibly careers, allowing you to earn a healthy wage and even have access to competitive benefits packages. If you are interested in finding a skilled trades job in Wisconsin, the professionals at Career Options can help you explore your options. Contact us to speak with one of our knowledgeable team members or head over to our job board to learn about our current opportunities and submit your application online today.

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