5 Scary Resume Mistakes That Leave Companies Screaming

Halloween is the season of all things spooky. While it may be acceptable to display fake creepy crawlies and embrace ghouls and goblins, scaring a hiring manager with your resume is never a smart move.

Certain frightening mistakes on your resume can cost you dearly, leading your application to be sent directly to the dark hole that is the discard pile. If you want to ensure that your resume isn’t what scares a hiring manager this Halloween, here are five resume mistakes you need to avoid.

A Plague of Spelling and Grammar Errors

Spelling and grammar errors on your resume can curse your chances of getting a job. These mistakes make it seem like you lack attention to detail or simply didn’t care enough to thoroughly review your application materials before sending them to the hiring manager.

Luckily, this scary resume mistake is easy to avoid as long as you dedicate a little time. For example, you can take a moment to read your resume out loud or have a text-to-voice program read it to you, as errors may be easier to find when you hear them instead of read them. You can also enlist help from a trusted friend or family member, allowing them to examine your resume with fresh eyes to find mistakes.

The Never-Ending Resume

While your resume needs to be fairly comprehensive, it should also be concise. If faced with a resume that is more than two pages, hiring managers aren’t going to take the time to read every page. Plus, your application is likely full of details they don’t need, which might make you look like a less than ideal candidate.

In most cases, your resume should be limited to one page, or possibly two for higher level positions. If you take the time to target the content to the role, meeting this requirement shouldn’t be too challenging.

One Full of Trickery

Even if it’s trick-or-treating season, a resume full of “tricks” is never a smart move. Dishonesty, exaggerations, and blatant lies aren’t going to help you land a job. Instead, when you’re caught, you might not just miss out on this opportunity, but everyone with the company going forward, as your reputation may be marred for the long-term.

Always be honest on your resume, as the penalty for not doing so is usually hard, if not impossible, to overcome.

A Hail of Bullets

While adding bullet points to your resume can be helpful when they visually draw attention to specific areas, when used excessively, they aren’t beneficial. Ideally, you want to stick with three to four bullets per section, and to only use them in areas of your resume where you truly want to highlight your accomplishments.

No Room to Breathe

Jamming every inch of the page with text makes any resume overwhelming. Scanning the document becomes practically impossible as it’s easy to lose track of which line is being read. If the margins are too thin, then merely holding the paper can cover critical text, making it an inconvenient document to review if it is printed.

To improve readability, having the right balance between text and white space is essential. This gives everything room to breathe visually, making it easier for the hiring manager to skim quickly.

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By avoiding the mistakes above, you can make sure your resume doesn’t scare hiring manager’s this Halloween. If you are interested in learning more, the professionals at Career Options can help you avoid any resume missteps. Contact us to speak with one of our resume experts today and see how our services can benefit you.

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