Is Your Onboarding Process Making Employees Feel Welcome?

As more candidates place a high value on company culture when accepting a position, having a welcoming onboarding process is a must. Often, how you onboard new hires has a strong impact on their perception of the organization, and a subpar experience can lead top talent to head back out the door as quickly as they came.

Starting in a new position is stressful for professionals, including those with a substantial amount of experience. By making sure your onboarding process sets a positive tone and makes them feel more comfortable in their environment, you are setting your new hires up for success.

Luckily, making improvements to your onboarding process doesn’t have to be challenging. If you want to make sure your new hires feel welcome, here are some tips you can start using today.

Begin Before Day One

Most companies believe the onboarding process doesn’t have to start until the new hire walks in on their first day. However, if you begin the process early, you can make them feel more welcome.

For example, a quick phone call discussing how excited you are for them to come on board can be a powerful gesture, setting the tone for their first day on the job. Additionally, providing some basic paperwork in advance can give them additional time to review the documents, ask questions about their options, and complete the administrative work that comes with being a new hire.

By reaching out before their first day, you can start forging a stronger relationship without the stress that comes with being new to the company. Plus, it may shorten the amount of time needed for the employee to reach a point of productivity, which can be a substantial benefit for both them and the company.

Make It Social

While new hires are often introduced to a seemingly endless series of people, they are rarely given a chance to socialize with their new manager or coworkers. This is especially true if your onboarding process largely consists of them being stuck at a desk with a mountain of paperwork, an approach that can leave them feeling alone in their new workplace.

Instead of focusing entirely on paperwork and quick introductions, consider adding social activities to your onboarding process. For instance, a team lunch can help everyone bond in a relaxed setting or assigning them a buddy can give them a go-to person as they get comfortable.

By allowing everyone to spend time getting to know each other, you can increase the sense of comradery, making collaborative activities easier in the future.

Recognize Achievements

Companies don’t typically view moving through the onboarding process as being an achievement. However, if you work to integrate praise and appreciation into your procedures, you can make a positive impression on the new hire.

Simply acknowledging their effort and dedication to the tasks at hand can go a long way. Look for opportunities to share some positive words with your new hires, allowing you to build a robust foundation on which the long-term working relationship can thrive.

If you are interested in learning more about how to improve your onboarding process, the professionals at Career Options can help. Contact us to see how our customizable approach to hiring and onboarding can assist you with the optimization of your strategy, ensuring you make every new employee feel welcome.

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