Hiring the Best Talent in a Competitive Job Market

As unemployment rates continue to stay low, it seems that the competition for top talent has only gotten fiercer. Companies continue to struggle to fill their vacant positions, particularly when they need a professional with some of today’s most in-demand skills.

Relying on the recruitment strategies of yesteryear simply won’t cut it in today’s hiring climate. If you want to secure the best and brightest new employees, then you need to adjust your strategy based on current conditions. If you need to hire the best talent in today’s competitive labor market, here’s how to get started.

Don’t Focus on Job Boards Alone

While job boards once provided companies with all of the qualified candidates they need, they aren’t sufficient in today’s labor market. Embracing alternative approaches, like social media-based recruiting or internal referrals, is a necessity if you want to connect with a larger talent pool.

This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t post to job boards as well, only that it shouldn’t be your sole recruitment source. If you fail to branch out, information about your vacancies won’t be seen by a range of professionals, liming your abilities to locate top talent.

Look for Potential

Holding out for a candidate that possesses every skill or experience you are hoping to find often means you are bypassing skilled professionals with the potential to thrive. Instead of seeking out perfection, look for job seekers who have strong soft skills, will mesh with your company’s culture, and have the ability to learn some of the hard skills that are necessary to perform the role.

Technical skills can be taught on the job as long as the candidate has a strong foundation and a willingness to learn. By selecting candidates with potential, you may be able to mold your ideal employee through the use of professional development opportunities. Plus, you’ll be able to highlight yourself as an employer that wants to help their employees thrive in their roles, something that can make you a more attractive option to strong candidates.

Rethink Your Requirements

If your vacancy announcements feature a laundry list of must-haves, you are automatically limiting your talent pool. Many skilled professionals won’t apply if they don’t possess every skill at the stated level, even if they could perform all of the duties associated with the role.

Before you post a job, revisit the requirements and see which ones are genuinely must-haves. For example, is a master’s degree a necessity or do you just need a specific amount of skills and experience? Do they need to be experts in a particular piece of software or just proficient?

By being limiting your requirements list to only the skills and experiences that are truly essential, you can deepen your talent pool, making it easier to find top talent for your open jobs.

If you are interested in learning more or would like to partner with an experienced recruitment agency to fill your vacant roles, the professionals at Career Options can help. Contact us to discuss your hiring needs and goals today and see how our customizable approach to hiring can benefit you.

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