Finding Top Talent in a Labor Shortage

As of April 2018, the unemployment rate in the US was 3.9 percent. While this can be a sign of a fairly healthy economy, it also means that many companies are struggling with labor shortages.

To put it simply, there aren’t enough skilled candidates available to meet demand. This makes it challenging when you need to find top talent to fill your vacant positions, especially if the role requires an in-demand skill.

Luckily, there are things you can do to increase your chances of finding the caliber of professionals you require. Here are some steps to get you started.

Broaden Your Search

The tried-and-true hiring methods of yesterday might not be as effective in today’s labor market. While active job seekers still turn to major job boards and company hiring pages, these resources don’t have the widest reach.

Consider posting vacancy announcements on niche job boards, particularly if you need a person with a highly specialized skill set. Additionally, speak about your openings on social media, helping to get the word out to a broader audience.

Get Employees Involved

When it comes to overcoming a labor shortage, your existing employees may be your best allies. Encourage them to provide referrals for your open jobs and consider instituting an incentive program for successful matches.

By getting your employees involved, you can tap into their professional networks. Plus, most workers will only refer people they trust, which may help you find a high-quality candidate.

Be an Employer of Choice

Job seekers are putting an increased amount of emphasis on points beyond salaries. Having a positive company culture, implementing high-tech solutions that are appropriate for your industry, and providing coveted benefits like flexible schedules or work from home options can help you stand out from your competitors.

Similarly, creating professional development opportunities and clear paths for advancement can also be enticing, showing that your company wants to support the growth of your workforce. And, once the programs are in place, make sure information about your offerings is accessible. Consider adding details to your company website and discussing your plans on social media.

By showcasing everything your business has to offer, you can attract active and passive job seekers.

Partner with a Staffing Firm

Sometimes, the easiest way to reach top talent is by partnering with a skilled staffing firm. These recruitment professionals as well-versed in the current labor market and know which resources to use to connect with potential candidates. Plus, they have strong relationships with their local community and typically maintain a pool of skilled job seekers who may be ideal for your vacant positions.

If you are wondering what a reputable staffing firm can do for you, the team at Career Options can connect you with some of the area’s leading talent. Contact us to discuss your hiring needs today an see how our services can help you find the right employee quickly and efficiently.

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