Tips to Advance in the Workplace and Move Ahead

Most workers aren’t in their dream job. Generally, they are moving their way up the ladder and are striving to get ahead. However, forward progress doesn’t always happen on its own. Sometimes, you have to take extra steps in order to advance in the workplace.

If you are looking to move ahead, here are some tips to get you started.

Request Additional Responsibilities

One of the easiest methods for establishing yourself as an important part of the team is to request additional responsibilities beyond your current tasks. Few workers actually ask to take on more, so you’ll automatically stand out from your peers. Further, you’ll get to potentially learn new skills and identify yourself as a go-to person for when something extra needs to be handled. Just make sure that you can actually manage the increased workload before you make the request, as failing to deliver can harm your chances of advancing.

Find a Mentor

If you aren’t sure how to move from your current position to the next one up the ladder, then finding a mentor at your current company can be a great option. By connecting with someone who is working in the role that you hope to land in the future, you can find out valuable information about how they got where they are today. Plus, a mentor serves as a great source of guidance when you encounter a challenge, as they’ve likely been in a similar position themselves.

Increase Your Skills

Adding a new skill, or improving an existing one, can be a suitable method for advancing at work. Whether you have the option of receiving training through your employer or have to sign up for a class on your own, becoming a more competent worker is almost guaranteed to help you advance.

Generally, the more education you have, the easier it is to move up. Even if you have to take it one class at a time, consider investing in professional development to make progressing easier.

Alternatively, you can also acquire new skills by volunteering with an organization. This can be excellent for soft skill development, such as communication and leadership, as well as certain hard skills if there is someone you can assist who has the desired skill. You can also increase the size of your network through volunteering, which is undoubtedly a bonus.

Be Helpful

One way to help yourself stand out from your peers is to go out of your way to be helpful. Giving your teammates or manager a hand on an important task, even if the contribution is small, can improve your reputation and establish you as a nice person who is willing to jump in when needed.

Now, this doesn’t mean you need to burden yourself with someone else’s work. Instead, when you have the time available, consider reaching out and seeing if anyone could use some assistance. Listen to what they need and see if it is manageable with your other obligations. If so, don’t be afraid to take part. If not, let them know what you can offer and see if any of those things would also be beneficial.

Ultimately, if you want to get ahead, you’ll have to put some energy into advancing in your career. But, while it does require effort, the rewards can make it all worthwhile.

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