Tips for Responding to Difficult Situations

Nearly everyone will encounter stressful situations during their career. Whether it involves being overtasked, caught between two managers, or being overlooked for promotions, challenges in the workplace can quickly lead to frustration.

With that in mind, here are a few difficult situations you may encounter and tips on how to respond.

Being the Go-To Person

If you’ve been identified as the go-to person for quick turnaround projects or managing challenging work, it seems like a good thing on the surface. But, it can quickly become overwhelming, especially if your manager is continually increasing your workload, but the rest of the team isn’t similarly burdened.

When this happens, you need to make sure that you aren’t tasked with more than you can handle, and this means setting appropriate boundaries. If your manager keeps approaching you with more work, don’t be afraid to let them know if it is more than you can take on. Give them an overview of what is on your plate and explain how adding a new task could harm the quality of the final results. In most cases, your manager will understand your perspective, particularly if you are really contributing more than other team members, and will look for someone else to handle the new project.

Conflicting Priorities

In some cases, a person reports to two (or more) managers instead of just one. When this happens, it’s easy to end up caught in the middle of their conflicting priorities. Ultimately, they are battling over your time and attention, and this puts you in a tough position.

While it may be challenging, you need to have a conversation with your managers. Ideally, set up a meeting with the three of you, so you can present your concerns to them both and have them work out an arrangement on how your cumulative tasks should be prioritized. It’s quite possible that one manager doesn’t know what the other requested of you, so getting a discussion started with all involved parties provides everyone with additional clarity, making it easier to create an approach that doesn’t leave you trapped in the middle.

Being Passed Over for Promotions

Not getting a promotion can be difficult to deal with, especially if you’ve been working hard and exceeding your manager’s expectations. But, if it happens more than once, it can be incredibly disheartening, leaving you wondering what went wrong.

If you’ve repeatedly been passed over for promotions, it’s time to have a conversation with your manager.

Now, this doesn’t mean being confrontational about not getting the promotions. Instead, it should be a fact-finding mission designed to help you understand what you need to improve on to be chosen for the opportunity the next time around.

While you may think that you are excelling, it’s possible there is an issue, and you simply aren’t aware of it. So, schedule a meeting with your manager and be open to receiving constructive criticism to help you identify weaknesses and craft a plan for improvement.

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