Critical Steps in Disaster Planning and Recovery

As you get ready to wrap up your 2017 year, we would like to thank Marco Technologies for participating in Career Options “Make it Happen in 2017-2018” resource guide for area companies! Please see below for their response to one of the questions we addressed:


Can you offer additional general security concerns/observations?


1. Security – Many companies do not put as much emphasis on security as they should be. Often passwords can be seen taped or pinned to walls, server or wiring closets are left unsecure. In one specific case, the server room was off the reception area and the reception area was not staffed. The potential for an unwanted guest or disgruntled employee to obtain physical access could be catastrophic.

2. Malware and Antivirus protection – The industry has treated antivirus and malware as two separate items. There is no silver bullet to cure either of these and you must take a layered approach to addressing this issue. Next generation firewalls are including protection to block these at the edge of the network, but the adoption of next generation firewalls has not been great. The potential loss in productivity or data loss can pay for these solutions.

3. End-user training – Educating the end-user on computer use and creating a computer use policy can deter bad things from happening. Social engineering testing is being done to determine what training is needed and where potential risks are hiding. Emails have been received by customers where it appeared the CEO requested money transferred to an outside account. However, it turned out to be a spoofed email address. Most people do not pay close enough attention and most people will click on attachments without a second thought, thus having devastating results.

For more information regarding these topics, please contact:

Marco Technologies

Jennie Maier, a Technology Advisor

2920 Walker Dr, Green Bay, WI 54311



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