5 Steps in Working with Your Insurance Company After a Fire


Thank you to Ademino & Associates for participating in Career Options “Make it Happen in 2017-2018” resource guide for area companies! Please see below for their response to one of the questions we addressed:

After a business fire, what are 5 steps in working with your insurance company?

  1. Establish documentation and accounting records both prior to and after the loss. Account for the time you and your staff spend dealing with the loss.
  2. Provide a building diagram to inventory equipment. Blueprints of the building would be ideal.
  3. Evaluate – In addition to your own loss did you have personal property of others that was damaged/destroyed?
  4. Communicate with employees, suppliers and the general public regarding your temporary replacement quarters. Insurance company should work closely with you on this in order to limit your business income loss. Getting your doors open again is top priority. Share any business continuity plans you have with the insurance company.
  5. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! The claims adjustor is there to help put you back in business. He/she is not your adversary. You’ve paid a premium for this service. Use it.


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