Is it Time to Find a New CPA?


Thank you to KerberRose for participating in Career Options “Make it Happen in 2017-2018” resource guide for area companies! Please see below for their response to one of the questions we addressed:

What are six questions to ask when interviewing a CPA/CPA firm?

  1. What is your background? Education, work experience and credentials?
  2. What type of clients/industries do you typically work with?
  3. What are your fees? Not just hourly rates but the typical fee for the type of services you will be requesting.
  4. Can you provide 2-3 references from current clients?
  5. What other staff might be expected to work on your account?
  6. Is there a clear succession plan if my CPA is nearing retirement or is unable to continue working for whatever reason?

Explain five common (big picture) business mistakes:

  1. No discussions with the appropriate professions prior to completing a significant business transaction.
  2. Not keeping the bank informed of anticipated cash-flow needs or when financial results are below expectations.
  3. Not developing a business succession plan (or allowing enough time to implement a plan)
  4. Not having adequate insurance to cover unexpected negative events.
  5. Not recognizing who the business’s key employees are and taking appropriate steps to retain them.


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