Essentials of Employee Handbooks – What You Need to Know

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Employee Handbooks

Employee Handbooks or sometimes known as employee manuals are given by an employer to employees to clearly communicate all company policies and procedures. Handbooks communicate expectations to employees and provides employers with a framework to follow when misconduct occurs.

Most employers take a “do nothing” approach to managing their employees, and do not adopt written policies or disclaimers. Legally, this may give rise to employment claims for breach of implied contract based on unwritten policies, or even wage claims based on employers’ past practices. A well written employee handbook has benefits for an employer: it promotes positive employee morale; it provides a succinct and convenient statement of policies to which the employee is expected to adhere, and the employer has written confirmation of expectations for performance and conduct at work; and it identifies and describes policies that can help with an employer’s defense of wrongful discharge, employment discrimination, or other employment-related legal claims.

If a handbook is not correctly written or does not include certain provisions, which are updated annually, an employer may expose themselves to unwanted liability.

Things that need to be addressed and reviewed annually in employee handbook:

  1. Handbook and a Contract vs. Handbook as Guidelines
  2. Defining the Employer/Employee relationship
  3. Harassment Policies
  4. Technology Use
  5. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policies
  6. Paid Time Off
  7. Job Requirements and Overtime Rules
  8. Employee Privacy
  9. Drug and Alcohol Policies

It is important that your handbook be reviewed by an experienced attorney who has indepth knowledge of Employment Law and related issues.

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