Three Current Virus or Scam Threats that are Costly to Fix and Why

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Three current virus or scam threats that are costly to fix and why:

  1. Ransomware has become more popular as of late. Essentially, a hacker steals yours or your client’s information, data and records and demands payment in order for an unlock code. It’s a costly fix, not only because of the initial ransom payment, but because of the downtime it costs your company. If you’re a paperless, automated company, what would the effects of a hacker have on your organization? Imagine being in healthcare and not being able to access patients’ records. On top of lawsuits, lives are literally at stake.
  2. Spoofing is another costly fix in terms of scams. This recent threat identically replicates emails and adds a personal touch to the body of the email. It’s targeting higher-level executives, financial and accounts payable departments by sending emails from what looks exactly like the company and requesting funds be transferred to outside clients. It appears the emails come from someone inside the company, typically from those mentioned above and even include personalized messages to the individual or department.
  3. Phishing has evolved into a more complex threat. On top of phone calls, emails and attachments that appear to come from a reputable company to obtain personal and financial information, it has developed into directing individuals to fake websites nearly identical to reputable businesses. This causes credit card, bank account and personal information to be processed into the fake site with sinister intention.



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