Tips for a Positive Life


I hope your week is going well.  I have noticed that so many people have expressed how busy, chaotic and stressful their lives have become.  I have been spending some time these past few months watching webinars and videos on personal and professional motivation tips and wanted to share some things.  Here are some quick ideas to stay positive:

  • Often in life, we become discouraged and feel as though we have hit a wall.  We keep doing the same things/patterns and get the same result.  Therefore, there are times when you need to have force and determination and just knock the whole wall down!
  • We often keep stockpiling extra duties onto ourselves and stress to others how busy we are. Instead, we need to be more productive with our days and stop “adding irrelevant stuff” to our plate in order to feel more valuable.  More is not always better.
  • Strengthen yourself and your mind on a regular basis.  This will be helpful as you get into tough times – you will have the skills to adapt.  Plan now to reduce stress in the future.
  • Sit straight at the computer to help avoid “turtle neck”.  This puts less strain on your neck and shoulders and doesn’t drain your energy.
  • Include positive people in your circle and find people that enrich your life.  Don’t let negative people constantly deplete your bucket and suck you into their negative world.
  • Practice breathing exercises – it does wonders! It can reduce anxiety before a presentation, calm you down during stressful projects at work, or allow you to sleep better.  It is also a great way to give you a positive boost of energy in the afternoon.

I hope your week goes wonderful and you found these ideas helpful.  Remember to enjoy life and make it a great day!




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