Five Creative Ideas for Employee Incentives and Rewards

Thank you to Strategies, LTD for participating in Career Options “Make it Happen in 2017-2018” resource guide for area companies! Please see below for their response to one of the questions we addressed:

What are five creative ideas for Employee Incentives and Rewards?

As an example of an Employee Incentive Plan, a team member could recommend setting health goals with employees in Q1 to get the year off to a great start! Perhaps the goals could be set to have employees exercise and alter health and eating habits. These new habits could help all participants reach a reasonable weight loss along with other health related, measurable benchmarks (their own health numbers that they are monitoring). They are then rewarded with a choice of health-related incentives/rewards such as a theme graphic logoed exercise mat or exercise ball, exercise towel and branded water

bottle, dependent on budget parameters. Perhaps these are even given out at the front end to encourage those new habits. A wonderful investment in our greatest asset of all…our employees!

A Quarter 2 goal could be sales-related, for example reaching a certain increase in sales would result in each employee selecting a branded fleece piece or other logoed apparel chosen to fit the budget.

A Quarter 3 goal could be quality-related. For reaching measurable quality benchmarks, an employee might be able to select from several beautiful writing instruments that would not only be logoed but would also carry the employee’s monogrammed initials…. encouraging them to “Mark their work with excellence!” In this case, there is a double entendre…marked literally and figuratively with excellence! These types of incentives are very personal and very special to the recipient.

A final quarter goal for the year might be geared toward employee engagement. There could be suggestion boxes throughout the offices and warehouses. Employees are rewarded either individually or collectively when great ideas are submitted and implemented. Again the product and communique would be chosen to reinforce the theme and would fit in the budget.


Lastly, an employee recognition program is most complete and effective when his or her anniversary date with the company is recognized. The benchmark years are generally at 5, 10, 15, 20 years and so on. Based on the budget for this recognition (many companies budget $10 per year of service or more), effective programs may give apparel, crystal or glassware/stemware or have the employee even choose from a range of gifts ensuring they receive something they perceive as useful.


Strategies, LTD is a promotional marketing firm specializing in branded corporate merchandise, premiums and apparel. They believe in becoming a marketing partner with their clients. They work best when given the client’s marketing objectives along with the information concerning the target audience and the budget. They then work within that budget to bring several ideas to the team so that the very best product/solution can be offered to achieve the objectives!


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