5 Biggest Mistakes that Companies Make Regarding Cloud Computing

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What are the five biggest mistakes that companies make regarding cloud computing?

  1. Money is important, but when migrating to the cloud, don’t do it for the sake of saving money alone. Not all applications and programs run efficiently in the cloud and still require an infrastructure investment.
  2. When it comes to cloud computing, security is an extremely important factor. Not evaluating the data your company works with to ensure your cloud provides the best level of security is a security threat in itself.
  3. Choosing a provider based on past IT service experiences doesn’t mean they know the intricacies of cloud computing. Choose a provider based on their experience with cloud solutions, not one that your company has had previous experience with.
  4. Even as the CEO, CTO or head of the IT department, don’t make this decision alone, as it will most likely impact other departments in your business. Consult with all areas and departments that will be affected by this change and understand their needs and concerns.
  5. Moving into the cloud alone is another security concern. Deploying, managing and maintaining services in the cloud requires the knowledge and assistance of a cloud service provider. Their specialists are highly trained and experienced in all aspects of cloud computing and will recommend solutions that are right for your company.

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