What are 6 Reasons that Companies Lack Business Growth?

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What are six key reasons that companies have a lack of business growth and/or profitability?

Vision – We see a lot of businesses that either have no vision, an unclear vision, or different visions (among key leaders) for the future of the business. If there is any lack of clarity about where a business is headed and what the future looks like, it can be very detrimental to the success of that business.

Trust – Trust, or lack thereof, is extremely common in businesses that are underperforming. Trust is the foundation upon which great businesses are built. When trust is low (or in some cases nonexistent) on a team or in an organization, that business will not be able to function at an optimal level.

Communication – Open communication is another big issue hindering companies from being successful. When things are not openly discussed, all sorts of problems can result. People may have hidden agendas or misconceptions of what is going on, and the more things that aren’t communicated, the more unresolved and often underlying conflict builds.

Goals – By either not setting goals, setting goals that are unattainable, or setting too many goals, a business can run into trouble. Determining key goals that the entire team is on board with, along with action items to reach those goals is an essential part of a successful business.

Decision Making – Often, there is no established decision making process, or one person makes all of the decisions while everyone else waits around without acting until a decision is made. This can cause a business to suffer greatly, especially when lack of decision making leads to inaction, and things just don’t get addressed or accomplished in a timely manner.

Alignment – When key leaders in the business are not aligned as far as where the business is headed, which goals are important, etc., the overall success of the business will suffer.

With over 25 years of experience in working with issues involving people, the Seefeldts have developed a very unique blend of expertise in providing services involving management consulting and business psychology to privately held and family owned businesses. What most businesses don’t realize is that the answer to their problems often lies in bringing in a neutral and objective “third party” who has expertise in working with changes in leadership, strategic planning, conflict and succession planning. Strategic Solutions Consulting is committed to helping you succeed personally, as a business, and as a family. They work with you to identify the best solutions to your problems, give you tools and techniques to be successful, and they support you through the difficult parts of the process.


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