Inexpensive Ways to Say Thank You to Employees

Many of our clients are small companies and their budgets are limited.  However, they like to recognize key employees, employees who have done well on a specific task, those who have had good attendance, or staff who have gone above and beyond.  We have had roundtables over the years and here are some of the ideas that companies have come up with to say THANK YOU to employees:

  • Handwritten notes to highlight specific efforts
  • Thank you in the employee newsletter
  • 1/2 day off on a Friday or Monday
  • Gift certificate to favorite restaurant, book store, coffee shop, or movie theatre
  • Free dry cleaning for the month
  • Take employee to lunch
  • Buy the team donuts, ice cream or lunch
  • VIP parking spot
  • Movie bucket with gift certificate, popcorn and treats
  • Free soda for the week
  • Send out a personal thank you email and cc the management team
  • Offer flexible hours
  • Pizza or gourmet coffee Friday
  • Extended lunch hour
  • Work from home for a day
  • Charitable donation to their favorite charity
  • Surprise team with fun, themed cupcakes

These are just a few ideas and if you have any to add, Career Options would welcome your feedback.  We love to share ideas and suggestions with other business in the area.  Employees like to know that they are valued, respected and vital components to their employers success so let’s make it a great 2017 for everyone!Thank you

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