It is Job Shadow Day at Career Options, Inc.!

Thank you to Nicole Gess who selected Career Options for her job shadow project! She is currently an Administrative Professional student at the Fox Valley Technical College. Here, Lori Eaton, is showing our mail room and postage process. Great luck, Nicole… you are bright, upbeat and professional!
If you are looking to job shadow, here are some questions that you can consider asking!  (Posted on April 20, 2011 in Become A Great Mentee!, Blogs, Career, Young Professionals! Bert Gervais)

1.  What is one thing that surprised you about your career/current position?

2. Describe your normal day starting when you arrive.

3. What are three personality traits of the top performers in this job?

4. What training/education have you received and how did you learn from those experiences?

5. What most excites you about your job?

6. What least excites you about your job?

7.  What advice would you give someone looking to enter this career?

8. Is it ok if I follow up with you on my progress in the next few months?


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